Bringing Real Snow Across Europe

With SNOWGUN snowmaking machines you can:
Bring snow to your New Year’s Eve or Christmas
Surprise your loved ones with a snowy garden
Produce up to 7 cubic meters of snow in 1 hour
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SNOWGUN is a European supplier of private snow-making machines. SNOWGUN products produce real quality snow already at -2 degrees. Affordable prices and variety of products will satisfy high standards of residential snow parks or a family that loves winter activities and sports in their backyard.
The advantages of a SNOWGUN machine:

Affordable prices

High productivity

Economic efficiency

Compact size


SNOWGUN takes full liability for its products. Our return policy is based on a two year warranty. We also provide full spectre of online support should you require a quick technical solution.


If you are looking for an unforgettable gift or surprise, SNOWGUN knows HOW!


Private tubing hill surprise

White weddings & magical engagement proposals

Magical surprise over night

White Christmas & New Year surprise

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What temperatures are required for snow making?

Ideally it needs to be at least -2 degree Celsius to start snow production. However the quality of snow is highly dependent on the humidity level. It is important to follow snowmaking table! Which you can find here snowmaking chart

How much snow can I produce?

It depends on the equipment. Generally speaking, you can produce as much snow as you want. We have numerous systems that can generate of up to 8 m3 per hour as long as outside temperature is less than -2 degrees Celsius and humidity level is low. We can cover 350 m2 with thickness of 15 cm in less than 8 hours. You can find comparison of our snowguns here: Recommended equipment list

Can I buy your machine as a private owner and what is the cost?

Absolutely, we offer wide range of products, both for private homeowners or for small residential snow parks. Snowgun prices start at 900 EUR incl. VAT. It should be noted that in addition to the cannon, you will also need an air compressor and a high pressure washer. Read more about the equipment here: Recommended equipment list

Can I use natural water from my pond or lake?

Absolutely, in fact we try to save as much resources as possible and reduce your water bills. There is one important note to consider. Make sure that the water is clean ( no sand, dirt) that may block the system. Make sure you install the filter and a pump that you may find here: Accessories

Is your company interested in wholesale or dealership?

Absolutely, we are open for any potential partnership and collaboration. We also provide up to 20% discount from the orders in excess of 15 units. Our technical department provides full support and computer-based training to our partners. If you want to learn more about our partnership, send us a message here

Can I buy snowgun without other components?

Absolutely, you don’t have to buy a full set. If you buy just a snowgun you would need to buy pressure washer and an air compressor at your regional household store. Technical details for pressure washer and air compressors can be found here: Recommended equipment list