Cost efficient snow production

With the continuous rise of energy costs (electricity and gas) our snow making machines have proven their efficiency amongst residential snow parks and skiing slopes. 

We cannot compete with the industrial snowmakers, however we can easily add up required “fresh powder” to the most sensitive areas of a skiing slope or tubing hill, such as:  lifts, half pipes, hill tops, speed turns, jumps, etc.

There is no need to use heavy snow making machinery every time you need to add some snow to a certain location of your snow park! 

See technical parameters below: 

  • Our equipment operates starting from water pressure of 1-2 Bar.
  • Our equipment produces snow starting from -2 degrees Celsius (quality of snow depends on bulb temperature and humidity)
  • Our single set consumes 2.0 m3 of water per hour and generates 6.3 m3 of snow per hour.
  • At temperatures below -4 degrees our single set can generate up to 6.4 m3 /hour.
  • Our equipment is cost effective, compressors are rated at 8 Bar with basic electrical supply of 1.8 KWA (230 V)
  • Our equipment can be used with alternative water sources such as natural ponds, rivers and lakes.

The advantages of a SNOWGUN machine:

❄️ Affordable prices
❄️ High productivity
❄️ Economic efficiency
❄️ Compact size