SNOPRO snowgun

SNOPRO gun is specially designed for private owners. Enough to produce up to 1.3 m3 per hour or cover an area with 15cm by 75 m2 at 8 hours. This gun reduces air and water requirements (saving your money on electricity and water). 92cm x 13cm x 14cm

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This snowgun includes:

  1. Aluminum snowgun pressure rated at 345 bar
  2. Exclusive stainless steel air nozzle

This set DOES NOT include:

  1. Industrial air compressor rated at 6 bar
  2. Pressure washer rated at 90-120 bar
  3. High-pressure hoses

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Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 92 × 13 × 14 cm

NOTE: Operations are subject to ambient meteorological conditions. OAT: -2C or lower and relatively low humidity. Find out more: SNOWMAKING CHART