XSTREAM SNOWMAKER complete snowmaking set

This is a complete set of XSTREAM SNOWMAKER. One of the most powerful snowguns available on the market. This set is designed to be fully adjustable for your water supply and snowmaking pump/pressure washer.

Enough to produce up to 7m3 per hour or cover an area of 350 m2 in 8 hours . This set will meet expectations of residential snowpark or fulfil biggest desire of a private snow lover.

NOTE: actual products may differ from the image



This set includes:

  1. Aluminum snowgun pressure rated at 345 bar designed to prevent air nozzle freezing issues
  2. Self regulated stainless steel air nozzle designed to provide ideal speed for snow production
  3. Interactive snow making display with indications
  4. Industrial air compressor rated at 6 bar (requires C or D type circuit breaker)
  5. Industrial pressure washer rated at 150-190 bar

This equipment is commonly used by residential snow parks and commercial projects but may be also found in the private backyard of a snow lover.

Package dimensions & weights:

  1. XSTREAM SNOWMAKER snowgun - 9 kg - 107cm x 21cm x 41.5cm
  2. Compressor - 34 kg - 38cm x 75cm x 75cm
  3. Washer - 16 kg - 40cm x 41cm x 77cm

Additional information

Weight 87 kg

NOTE: Operations are subject to ambient meteorological conditions. OAT: -2C or lower and relatively low humidity. Find out more: SNOWMAKING CHART